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  • Bromiliade - Belgique...

    From Belgique Horticole 1884-1895

  • Curtis

    From the  

    Curtis Botanical Magazine

  • Linden - Orchids...

    Jean Linden (1817-1898) was a famed “orchid hunter” during this time, organizing many trips to hunt orchids in their native habitats all over the world, and importing back to Belgium over a thousand species. Similar to other great enthusiasts of the day, such as Conrad Loddiges in England, he founded a nursery in Brussels with the help of his son. Together, they published this superb work on orchids "Iconographie des Orchidees" in two parts. The first series of 10 volumes was published from 1885-1894 & the second series of 7 volumes from 1895-1901. 

  • Shumann - Cactus

    Bluhende Kakteen or Iconographia Cactacearum by

    Karl Schumann & Max Gurke was published in 1900.

    This very rare work was issued only once, and contains

    some of the most beautiful images of cactus ever seen

    in all of botanical illustration.

  • Palmiers

    Chromolithographs drawn from nature

    by P. De Pannemaker 1878 original 



  • Redoute
    Pierre-Joseph Redouté 1759-1840
    was a painter and botanist from the
    Southern Netherlands, known for his
    watercolours of roses, lilies and other
    flowers at Malmaison. He was nicknamed
    "the Raphael of flowers" and has been
    called the greatest botanical illustrator of
    all time.
  • Thornton - Robert John

    Thornton (1768-1837)

    created the greatest English

    colour-plate flower book.  


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Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items